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Do you wish to tighten those wrinkles on your upper lips? Then, look no further! Introducing our Lipline.

Healthier lips
shipping box Reduces wrinkles on lips.
Keeps lips soft, plump and moist
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Lip Wrinkle Remover

Do you wish to tighten those wrinkles on your upper lips? Then, look no further! Introducing our Lipline. This is a Concentrated Product Used To Treat Severe Wrinkles On The Upper Lip. Hyaluronic acid speeds up wound healing and reduces scarring. Retinol keeps the lips soft and plump while reducing ageing signs. They all work together to ensure maximum permeability of the lips to the active ingredients.


  • Healthier lips
  • Reduces wrinkles on lips
  • Keeps lips soft, plump and moist

Active Ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid with Retinol.
How To Apply
- As directed

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