About Gold Cosmetics And
Skin Care

Here’s everything you need to know about us!

Who We Are

Welcome to Gold Cosmetics and Skin Care! We are a company focused on delivering high-quality products and treatments to different clients across the globe. Since we started operations in the United States in 2001, we’ve helped many get rid of their specific skin problem with our industry-tested and highly effective skincare solutions. We can help you too!

Furthermore, we also serve as direct suppliers to skin professionals like estheticians, beauticians, and cosmetologists. As an industry supplier, our company is highly known for its reliability, affordability, and superb services. We pride ourselves in delivering quality guidance in the area of skincare and cosmetics. Interestingly, our prices are always reasonable! So, why don’t you choose Gold Cosmetics and Skin Care today?

Our Skincare Commitment

At Gold Cosmetics and Skincare, we are committed to providing long-lasting skincare solutions developed by our experienced team of skin scientists. Our fully customized treatment process is quite designed to suit all skin types, goals and specific concerns.

We utilize sophisticated technologies and highly nourishing ingredients when formulating our products and treatment solutions. It’s our ultimate desire that none of our clients will ever worry about any skin problem once they get in touch with us or our products.

Meet Our Founders

Zehava Roisman

Zehava is Professional Paramedical Cosmetologist who together with her husband Meir Roisman launched Gold Cosmetics.  Having started her career in Israel around the 80s, Zehava climbed her way to the top to become one of the most-respected Cosmetologists in Israel and abroad. She currently has over thirty years of experience in cosmetics. Due to her level of experience and vast knowledge, she has lectured women from different parts of the world on beauty and esthetics. Up till today, she continued to dish out professional advice and also doing wonders in helping her clients get rid of all kinds of skin problems.

Meir Roisman

Meet the president of Gold Cosmetics and the husband of Zehava. Meir is popularly known for his exceptional knowledge of chemistry and effective ingredients. He is the brain behind most of Gold Cosmetics' highly nourishing formula and active products. Together with Zehava, both have prevailed in building Gold Cosmetics from the ground to become a popular skin company across the globe.