Are you experiencing rashes, itchiness and scaly patches around your elbows, knee, trunk or scalp? 

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Introducing our Ultimate Skin-Relieving Treatment for Psoriasis.

Relieving Psoriasis Treatment

Calms Your Itchiness and Revitalizes Your Dry and Scaly Skin

Relieving Psoriasis Treatment

Calms Your Itchiness and Revitalizes Your Dry and Scaly Skin

Ready To Calm Your Itchy and Scaly Skin? 

Ultimately designed to relieve your itchiness and improve your dry skin

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition that causes a fast buildup of skin cells, triggering inflammation and scaling on the area affected. They typically occur on the hands, neck, feet, scalp, face, knee & elbow. In rare cases, they can also occur around the mouth or private areas.

Usually, they appear as reddish, brownish or dark skin patches with whitish scales on top that comes with itchiness or burning sensation. Around the patches or affected joint, you may notice soreness or pain. The skin is also dry and likely to crack or bleed anytime. The symptoms may vary from person to person.

Having stumbled to this page, be rest assured that you are now halfway to relieving the symptoms of this skin condition. Our treatment products are desired to help you revitalize your skin and stop the rapidly growing inflammation from psoriasis.

Types of Psoriasis

Before you decide, check out the different psoriasis types


Plaque Psoriasis

This is the commonest type of psoriasis. It causes raised, itchy and dry skin patches covered with whitish scales. It generally appears around the knees, elbows, lower back and scalp. The patches may vary based on specific skin tones, and it's more severe on people with darker skin color.


Guttate Psoriasis

This type is more common among children or young adults. Bacterial infections like strep throat infection primarily cause it. It triggers small pinkish and scaly spots around the arms, legs or trunk. The spot may be thick or raised.


Inverse Psoriasis

This type primarily affects the skin folds around the breast, butt, or groin areas. It causes the appearance of inflamed skin patches that worsen with sweating and friction around those areas. This psoriasis type is also triggered by fungi. 


Nail Psoriasis

This type of psoriasis affects the nails. It causes pitting, discoloration and changes in the appearance of your toenails or fingernails. It may seek to separate the nails from the skin underneath (nail bed).


Pustular Psoriasis

This psoriasis type is not commonly compared to others. However, it's more prevalent in adults. It comes with pus-filled blisters and widespread patches of inflamed skin. It's known to affect only a smaller area of the body, such as the hands or legs. 


Erythrodermic Psoriasis

Although this is the least common, it's pretty severe. It affects almost every part of the skin and causes widespread discoloration and peeling throughout the skin. 

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Regardless of the psoriasis type, we offer effective treatments. If you are worried about the severity, kindly book an online free consultation by sending a pic of your psoriasis.

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Relieves Itchiness

Ultimately relieves inflammation, redness and itchiness from psoriasis to give your skin more comfort

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Each product was formulated while ensuring strict compliance with all FDA safe and quality guidelines.

Improves Dry Skin

Enhances and helps your skin recover from scaliness and dryness associated with psoriasis for improved skin health

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Our products are gentle on delicate skin and do not contain harsh or stripping chemicals harmful to the skin.


 Reduces Scaling

Controls flakiness or scaliness on the skin surfaces and revives your ultimate beautiful skin appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please look at some of our clients' most commonly asked questions. If you don't find your answers, kindly contact us. 

Question 1:  What causes psoriasis, and why is it an autoimmune condition? 

Answer: The main causes of psoriasis are still unclear. But most scientists have cited overactive immune system and genetics as the major contributing factors.

An autoimmune condition is when the body's cells start attacking itself. In psoriasis, the immune system starts attacking healthy cells after making them for bacteria or foreign invaders. This overaction by the immune system triggers rapid skin cell production, causing new cells to develop fast and shift to the surface.

As this process continues, the new cells will start piling up at the surface, causing psoriasis. Furthermore, if your family have a history of the skin condition in the past, it means you are the risk of developing it. 

Question 2: Can psoriasis be transmitted from one person to another?

Answer: No, psoriasis is not contagious. Hence, it can be transmitted. Also, touching the infected area on another person won't make you contract the condition.

Question 3: How fast will your treatment stop my itchiness?

Answer: The itchiness will reduce drastically once you start treatment. But the scaly patches and dry skin may take a while to decrease gradually, as the treatment will slow down the growing skin cells. 

Question 4:  Are your products FDA-approved?

Answer: Yes! All our products and treatments kits strictly comply with all FDA-approved safety and quality guidelines

Question 5:  I need professional attention. Can I book an appointment?

Answer: Absolutely! You can always book an appointment or schedule an online free consultation if you are worried about the severity level of your psoriasis.

Question 6: Will the treatment cure my psoriasis?

Answer: Unfortunately, no at this time. There's no scientifically approved cure for psoriasis. The only thing psoriasis treatment can do is to reduce the symptoms, such as cell growth, itchiness, scaliness, inflammation, discoloration, etc.