Hello there! Are you looking to properly treat the dark patches, spots, discolorations or other symptoms of hyperpigmentation on your skin?

The Ultimate Pigmentation and Discoloration Treatment!

Say Goodbye to Patches, Dark Spots and Discoloration Today!

Say Goodbye to Patches, Dark Spots and Discoloration Today!

Understanding the different types of pigmentation is key to finding the right treatment for achieving a more even, radiant complexion.

Some of the most common types as below

Light Pigmentation

Occurs as small brown, tan, or black spots on the face, hands or other sun-exposed body parts. As usual, these appearances are triggered by excessive melanin production, possibly due to several factors.   

Medium Pigmentation

Occurs as large dark patches on the skin. It may appear on the face, forehead and stomach. It creates a general appearance of dark skin coloration and is also triggered by excessive melanin production. 

Bad Pigmentation

Occurs as dark spots and large patches on different areas of the skin. This is the most severe among other levels of pigmentation. It can be triggered after an injury or inflammatory skin condition, such as acne or eczema. 

Ready To Nurture Smooth and Clearer Skin?

Let our quality pigmentation kits perform all the magic on your skin for Hyperpigmentation, Age spots and other Discoloration issues. Our kits contain a potent blend of natural ingredients including kojic acid, arbutin, and vitamin C, that work together to lighten and brighten your skin.

Not only does the Pigmentation Kit target existing pigmentation issues, but it also helps prevent future discoloration. With regular use, you can achieve a more radiant, even-toned complexion.

Pigmentation disorders like hyperpigmentation are caused by excessive melanin pigments on the skin, triggering dark patches or spots.

For many years, we have helped clients across the globe get rid of this skin problem through our quality products and treatment kits. However, we offer special treatment kits for each level of pigmentation. Do you know yours?

Choose Your Pigmentation Kit

Are you confused about your pigmentation level? Watch what our Top Esthetician suggests you!

Why Choose Our Pigmentation Treatment Kits? 

Here are some benefits of choosing our Pigmentation Kits. You'd be amazed!

Improved Complexion  

Effective in eliminating all levels of dark spots or hyperpigmentation to reveal clearer and improved skin complexion.

Safe & FDA-approved

Each product in the kits was formulated while ensuring strict compliance with all FDA safe and quality guidelines. 

Complete Routine

The individual treatment kits are designed to serve as a complete routine for pigmentation, depending on the severity level. 

Enhances Dull Skin.

Strictly practical on improving dark or dull skin while ensuring skin rejuvenation for brighter and healthier skin. 

No Harsh Chemicals

Our products are gentle on delicate skin and do not contain harsh or stripping chemicals harmful to the skin. 

Free Shipping   

We will deliver your pigmentation kits or products anywhere in the United States without charging you an extra shipping fee.

Order Your Pigmentation Treatment Kit Today!

A pigmentation kit is comprised of a Bleach Cream Soap to cleanse, a Bleach Cream Forte to lighten the pigmentation, an Adi Clear & a Sun Block to prevent the skin from Sun rays. 

Medium Pigmentation Kit

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Gold Cosmetics | Medium Pigmentation Kit - Gold Cosmetics & Skin Care
  • Bleach Cream Soap (240 ml)

  • Shoval A 

  • Sun Block SPF 50 (100 ml)

  • Adi Clear (30 ml)



Pigmentation Kit

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Gold Cosmetics | Light Pigmentation Kit - Gold Cosmetics & Skin Care
  • Bleach Cream Soap (240 ml)

  • Bleach Cream (30 ml)

  • Sun Block SPF 50 (100 ml)



Pigmentation Kit

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Gold Cosmetics | Bad Pigmentation Kit - Gold Cosmetics & Skin Care
  • Bleach Cream Soap (240 ml)

  • Bleach Cream (30 ml) 

  • Shoval A 

  • Sun Block SPF 50 (100 ml)

  • Adi Clear (30 ml)


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How To Use

Follow below steps and instructions on how to use the individual kits

Day Care Routine in Just 4 Easy Steps

01. Wash the face using Bleach soap

02. Apply a few drops of Bleach Toner and wash your face again.

03. Apply Anti Scars open pores cream.

04. Apply Sun Block, before leaving the house to prevent more skin issues.

Follow Night Care Routine in below Steps

  • Wash the face using the Bleach soap

  • Apply Adi Clear Forte

  • Apply Bleach Cream Forte

  • Apply Shoval A Forte

Note: Only apply a thin layer. Also, do NOT Rub!

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  • Customer Support
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  • Safe & secure payment
  • Free delivery in USA
  • Quality Skin Treatment
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Remarkably Clears Your Dark Spots and Patches 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some of the popular questions usually asked by our clients. If you need more clarification or haven't found your answers, kindly message us.

Question 1: Are these products FDA-approved?

Answer: Yes, all Gold Cosmetics products are safe and FDA-approved.

Question 2: How long should I wait before expecting the results?

Answer: It depends on the pigmentation severity, but results usually show between 7 and 14 days.
Question 3: What is pigmentation?

Answer: Pigmentation is the changes in skin color due to changes in melanin production within the skin. If one's skin is healthy, the skin tone will appear normal. If the skin is not healthy or there's an injury, the tone may appear darker (hyperpigmentation) or look lighter (hypopigmentation)

Question 4: What is hyperpigmentation?

Answer: Hyperpigmentation can be described as when the skin appears dark than usual due to excessive melanin production, which is responsible for our skin color. Several triggering factors may lead to this skin condition, such as sun exposure, injury, certain medication, damaged skin barrier, etc. 

Question 5: How Can I Prevent Hyperpigmentation?

Answer: For starters, we recommend always applying sunblock SPF each day before leaving your house in the morning. If you know you'll stay long under the sun, wear protective clothing like long sleeves or hats. Furthermore, also avoid picking or plucking your scabs or acne.

If you notice any slightest pigmentation symptoms, we recommend going for our Pigmentation Preventive Kits.