Take Advantage Of The Latest Technology In 

The Market Today!

                     It’s time to ditch your razor and enjoy the latest and most advanced hair removal technology with our new laser machine. It’s highly effective and not IPL. 

Are You Ready For That Silky Smooth Skin?

Then, don’t wait any longer! Clear your skin with this modern and sophisticated newest laser hair removal machine on the market today.

This advanced machine is designed to instantly remove hairs from its roots while targeting the follicles for the best results. 

With that, you can be sure of not developing any bumps, irritation or ingrown hairs.

The process is 100% painless; you’ll feel almost nothing. The machine is also designed to accommodate all skin tones. Why not reveal your smooth skin now?


Striking Benefits You Shouldn’t Miss

Here’s what you get to enjoy with this latest laser hair removal technology

Cold and Painless Treatment

The machine is designed to generate ice-cold temperatures while performing laser wonders on your skin. So, you’ll feel almost nothing.

Shorter Treatment Times

Works very fast in removing hairs within a short period to the extent that full body treatment may take just 30 to 45 minutes

For Men and Women

The advanced hair removal process is entirely suitable for men and women regardless of skin tone or color.

For All Skin Types 

Whether you have yellow, dark or light skin tone, this unique hair removal treatment is safe for you.

Fast Results 

You’ll start seeing results right from your first treatment sessions. So why the wait? Enjoy smooth skin now.

100% Efficient

The hair removal process is fully advanced and super effective in leaving hairless and smooth skin without bumps.


New Deal – Enjoy Up To 30% Off

We can guarantee complete customer satisfaction. 

For Men

Full-body ----------------------- $199 

per session

Instead of -----------------------$299 

(Regular Price)

Full-body means anywhere from head to toe

For Women

Full-body ----------------------- $149 

per session

Instead of -----------------------$249 

(Regular Price)

Full-body means anywhere from head to toe



Save more by booking six (6) straight sessions in advance.

For Men

Full-body ----------------------- $1500 

For Six (6) Sessions

One time payment in advance

For Women

Full-body ----------------------- $1200 

For Six (6) Sessions

One time payment in advance

Take Advantage Of Our 30% OFF Deal NOW!

Don’t forget that our ongoing deal of 30% OFF only applies to single full-body hair removal treatment sessions. And it expires soon!

If you choose to only go for a specific body part. Then, kindly call us for a customized price list. Although, we recommend taking advantage of the deal on single sessions.

With this deal, you pay when you come for a single session, and the price will be less than when you go for a package.

Say No To Bumps and After-Shave Irritations

Welcome Silky, Smooth, and Hairless Skin.

Why Is This Deal So Special? 

It’s special because you save more and won't  be required to make an advance payment for multiple sessions, like when you go for a package of six sessions.

In this deal, you’ll only make payment per session. Do the math; you will save up to $50 per session. So you see, this deal is the best option you’ve got.

Rush now and book your appointment before this deal expires. You just can’t afford to miss this massive opportunity.

Before You Finalize, Please Note!

The number of sessions a person needs to get the complete result varies from person to person. And treatment will be done every 4 to 5 weeks.

Also, we recommend shaving at home 2 to 3 days before coming for your session. Avoid sun exposure before or during the treatment process. But if you have no choice, we highly recommend applying sunblock SPF.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check if we’ve answered your question. If not, kindly contact us right away!

Question 1: Does this treatment have any side effects on my skin?

Answer: Absolutely no! The laser hair removal machine is completely safe and designed to protect the skin from unhealthy rays that may pose harm to the body.

Question 2: Is the treatment painful?

Answer: No, it’s not painful. The advanced machine has already been built to provide ice-cold temperatures to mix up with any heat effect from the laser. Hence, your skin will feel almost nothing. 
Question 3: Should I go for the single or package option? 

Answer: We recommend choosing the single full-body session as we have an ongoing new deal on it. You get to enjoy up to 30% OFF the regular Price. That way, you save more and pay once you come for a session. You don't need any advance payment, unlike in the package option. 

Question 4: How many sessions do I need for this treatment?

Answer: The number of sessions needed to see the complete results varies from person to person. So we can only be sure if you book your first session.

Question 5: How much is it going to cost? I only need hair removal on a specific body part, like my back, leg, hand, bikini area, thigh, etc.

Answer: If you only wish to remove hairs from a specific area of your body. Then, kindly call us at this - 954-990-0699 or book appointment at our physical location in Miami, Florida. 

Question 6: Is this new machine a form of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)?

Answer: No, absolutely not! It’s an actual laser machine and can give up to 80% to 90% permanent hair removal solution.