Are you starting to notice dry, itchy and scaly patches all over your skin and looking for a long-lasting treatment to clear them all? 

Look no further!

Welcome to our Ultra-Efficient Eczema Treatment

Last-Stop Treatment Solution To Eczema

Embrace your Healing Journey from Eczema and Improve Your Skin

Last-Stop Treatment Solution To Eczema

Embrace your Healing Journey from Eczema and Improve Your Skin

Wish For Healthier and More Succulent Skin? 

Our treatment stops dryness or itchiness from eczema and places you on your way to healthy skin.

We understand how eczema can lower your self-confidence and make you feel less of your skin. This is why we are here! Let's help restore that glow to your skin.

Through our professional treatments and quality products, you can be sure about defeating your eczema within weeks. However, if you are confused about your symptom's severity, you may also book an online free consultation by sending us a picture of your eczema. We are always ready to help!

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Are you still confused about the Eczema condition in your Skin?  

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Introducing our special anti-eczema kit for the treatment of light eczema. This special kit consists of Bleach Cream Soap and the effective Anti-eczema liquid, a medicated liquid used to treat eczema. 

  • Works on eczema-affected skin within a short period & effortlessly clears eczema from the skin

  • Supports the body’s detoxification channels for irritation and blemishes
  • Nourishes and restores skin complexion, provides the best skin-lightening effect

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How To Use 

Cleanse the skin with Bleach Cream Soap. Then, apply a small amount of the Anti-Eczema Liquid to the eczema-affected areas using a Q-tip or cotton. Do this once every day and watch as your eczema clears within days.

Nourishing Ingredients

Each ingredient has its unique effect on the skin. They all work together to eliminate dry, itchy, scaly and other symptoms of eczema to ensure healthy and more radiant skin. 

Safe and Quick

Expect to see results within a few weeks about resuming treatment. Also, be rest assured that all our products comply with all FDA safety guidelines. 

Customer Results

A Before & After Pic from our Client who was suffering from Bad Eczema

Why Choose Our Eczema Treatment Kit? 

Here are some benefits of choosing our Eczema Kits. You'd be amazed!

Highly Effective

Effortlessly clears eczema and nourishes to restore your natural skin complexion with ease. 

Safe & FDA-approved

All our products and kits were formulated while ensuring strict compliance with all FDA safe and quality guidelines.  

Calms Irritation 

The products take full effect in calming all forms of skin irritation or eczema itchiness once you start using them. 

Skin Lightening.

The treatment kits clear your eczema and lighten any formation of scars in the aftermath.

No Harsh Chemicals

Our products are gentle on delicate skin and do not contain harsh or stripping chemicals harmful to the skin. 

Free Shipping   

We will deliver your pigmentation kits or products anywhere in the United States without charging you an extra shipping fee.

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No More Dry, Itchy and Scaly Skin! 

It's time to treat your eczema and improve your general skin appearance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some of the popular questions usually asked by our clients. If you need more clarification or haven't found your answers, kindly message us.

Question 1: What is eczema?

Answer: Eczema is a condition that makes the skin dry, reddish, itchy, bumpy, and irritated. It generally starts by weakening the skin's barrier, which retains moisture and protects the skin from external factors.

It's also worth noting that eczema is a type of dermatitis which is a group of conditions that causes inflammation on the skin.

Question 2: What causes eczema? 

Answer: The actual cause of eczema is still unclear, although scientists believe a hyperactive immune system usually triggers it. Eczema spreads when the immune system overacts after the skin is exposed to irritants. Hence, identifying those external triggers is a starting point for preventing eczema.
Aside from environmental triggers, eczema flare-ups can also be triggered by stress, depression, anxiety, etc.

Question 3: Are these products FDA-approved?

Answer: Yes, all Gold Cosmetics products are safe and FDA-approved.

Question 4: Is eczema contagious?

Answer: No. It cannot be transmitted from one person to another. Although if there's a history of eczema in your family, you may be at risk of developing it.

Question 5: What other eczema triggers should I note?

Answer: Certain harsh detergents, soap, or wool clothing can trigger itching and eczema flare-ups on your skin, especially if you already have it. 

Question 6: How long should I wait before expecting the results

Answer: It depends on the skin condition, but results usually show between 7 and 14 days.

Question 7: Are there any side effects using your Ecezma kit?

Answer: There are NO side effects.