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At Gold Cosmetics and Skin Care, we are so happy to announce our Ambassador Program. We are looking for committed customers, inspiring advocates, and influencers with special interests in skincare to become the face of Gold Cosmetics and Skin Care. We just can’t wait to have you all on board!

As our ambassador, we would want your personal experiences with Gold Cosmetics products and how it has changed your life. 

You will be tasked to provide enough photos and videos of yourself introducing our product, how the product changed their lives, and the amazing benefits people can enjoy from the product. We’d also need you to include procedures on how you apply the product in the video. 

On Submission of the video, if we approve it, you’ll get to enjoy the following benefits:

25% Special Discount

You’ll enjoy special 25% discounts on all your future purchases throughout our entire store, strictly exclusive to all our ambassadors

Free Products

You’ll receive and dedicated Ambassador package with our top-rated Skin Care products.

New Product Privileges

You may get the privilege of sampling our newest products first before they are released in our store.

Gold Cosmetics Souvenirs

You may receive some of our special branded items like sweatshirts, T-shirts, or bags.

Zoom Meetings

You may be invited to join our official zoom meetings

Official Ambassadorial Title

Being our ambassador is the right opportunity you need to share your voice and network with thousands of other skincare enthusiasts. You may also be featured in our blogs or social media platforms.

Would you want to know more about this opportunity or have some questions, you can contact us via WhatsApp or social media.

Full Disclosure

As our Ambassador you are not liable for any monetary compensation. If you are chosen, you will only receive exclusive privileges dedicated to Gold Cosmetics Ambassadors as stated above.

Ready For Your Ambassadorial Journey With Gold Cosmetics?

At Gold Cosmetics and Skin Care, we are all about helping our customers solve their specific skin problems. We are here to inspire as many as we can. Hence, we are looking for individuals who resonate with this common goal. Think you might be the right choice for us? Then, check this out! You could be our ambassador if…….

  • You love Gold Cosmetics and wish to join us in spreading the amazing work we do 
  • You have used our product and can testify to its miraculous effects on the skin
  • You are interested in skincare and compassionate about helping people in it
  • You have a strong voice and can use it any time
  • You wish or already are a role model in your specific area
  • You are not shy and feel completely at ease in filming short videos of yourself using your phone or any camera. 

Does any of this sound like you? If so. Great! We can’t wait to hear from you soon! Please read along till you get to the final instruction.

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