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Bad Scars Kit

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Bad Scars Kit

The Kit Contains: Bleach soap, Shovalit ,Lior 22, Anti Scars with Open Pores and Sun Block. Shovalit a revolutionary product for all types of skin. After cleansing and before moisturizing every night, you apply just a few drops of serum that sinks in quickly and leaves skin feeling very soft. In addition to the collagen-enhancing peptides, this serum has tons of antioxidants for clear, radiant skin.Anti Scars Cream is a product with regenerative properties that restores skin, which has sustained damage due to existing acne scars, burn scars, and surgical and wound scars.Lior 22 is good for all skin types, especially for problematic skin with scars and open pores. It tightens up the skin, shrink scars and closes the pores.

The kit works to increase the collagen levels thus producing better skin elasticity and renewing old skin that has been inflicted with scars.


Reduces inflamed acne lesions

Lightens acne scars or marks

Softens the scar tissue


Morning: Wash the face with Bleach soap, apply drops of Lior 22, then the Anti Scars Open Pores cream and finally the Sun Block

Night: Wash the face with Bleach soap and apply Shovalit. Apply a very thin layer. Do NOT Rub!


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