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Gold Cosmetics | Melasma Kit

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Gold Cosmetics | Melasma Kit

The Kit Contains: Bleach Cream Soap, Adi clear Forte , Bleach Cream Forte , Shoval A Forte, Bleach Toner and Sun Block.

Bleach Cream Soap is a professional cleansing formula that respects the skin PH balance leaving it soft and fresh.

Adi Clear Forte is a lightning product for those with severe dark spots.

Bleach Cream Forte is a lightening product for wrinkles and bad pigmentation. It is formulated to give natural skin glow, improved texture and fairer complexion.

Shoval A Forte is a very active product for peeling and renewing skin tissues. It promotes, reconstructs, and pacifies the skin. Removes dead skin cells and sebum. Smoothes wrinkles, cleanses and revitalizes the skin.

The sunblock SPF50 helps prevent fine lines, wrinkles and skin discolorations.

Bleach Toner removes dirt, bacteria, makeup, pollution and dust that your cleanser may have left behind. Using the Bleach toner gives your skin an extra-deep clean.


Helps in eliminating melasma and brown spots

Improved texture and fairer complexion




1.Wash the face using the Bleach soap.

2. Apply a few drops of Bleach Toner and wash your face using the toner.

3. Apply the Sun Block, before leaving the house to prevent more skin issues. 



  1. Wash the face using the Bleach soap
  2.   Apply a few drops of Bleach Toner and wash your face using the toner.
  3. Apply  Adi Clear Forte
  4. Apply Bleach Cream Forte
  5. Apply Shoval A Forte

Apply a very thin layer. Do NOT Rub!

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