Do you know that the same fungi responsible for athlete’s foot, ringworm, or jock itch can also cause nail infections? 

It’s time to eliminate these fungi infections and nurture healthy nails with our ultimate fungus treatment. 

Introducing the Most Effective Solution for Nail Fungus

Ultimate Nail Fungus Treatment

Stop fungi overgrowth around your toenails and fingernails

Ultimate Nail Fungus Treatment

Stop fungi overgrowth around your toenails and fingernails

Ready To Nurture Healthy and Glowing Nails? 

Our treatment is designed to limit fungi overgrowth around your nails

Usually, fungi and bacteria are present within the human body. But if they overgrow, that will trigger infections. Tinea unguium is a fungal infection that affects the toenails or fingernails to give them a different look.

It thickens nails while changing their color to white, yellow or brownish. Part of the nails may also look cloudy and distorted. You may also notice a separation between your nails and the skin underneath, with some cracks around the nails.

However, if you start noticing any of these symptoms, do not worry! We can always help you to recover your healthy and clean nails.

Common Forms Of Nail Fungus

Here are the commonest types of nail fungus. We can help you identify yours.


Distal Subungual Infection

This type is very common. It develops in both toenails and fingernails, causing white or yellow spots around the outer nail edges. It infects beyond the nail bed and moves deeper. 


White Superficial Infection

It’s most common in toenails. It attacks the outer layer part of the nails while creating obvious white spots around the nails.


Candida Nail Infection

This is a candida yeast infection. It mostly affects fingernails and is common among people who always soak their hands in water. It is triggered when previously injured nails become infected by the yeast.


Proximal Subungual Infection

Although not very common compared to others, it can affect the fingernails and toenails. It comes with yellow spots which would appear at the base of the nails. It’s usually rampant among people with weakened immune systems after a minor injury. 

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    Cleanse the affected area with bleach cream soap and dry thoroughly. Then, gently apply only a tiny amount of the products to the affected area. Repeat the procedure twice daily (morning and night) or as directed by your physician.

  • Quick Results

    Each product contains the right ingredients for relieving nail fungal infections. They all work together to stop fungi around the nail from overly multiplying. Expect to start seeing results within weeks after starting treatment. 

If you are still worried, you can book an online free consultation by sending a pic of your nail fungus.

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Why Choose Our Nail Fungus Treatment? 

Here are some benefits of choosing our nail fungus treatment. You'd be amazed!

Prevent Fungi Overgrowth

Our nail fungus treatment products are very effective in preventing and stopping fungi from increasing to a level that will cause nail infections.

Supported Healthy Nails

Our treatment products restore fungi levels to the required amount to maintain healthy and radiant nails.

No Side Effects  

Our products are gentle on delicate skin and do cause any form of irritation or disturbance to the skin surrounding your nails

Restore Natural Color.

The treatment restores your nails to their original color while brightening the surrounding skin for an improved appearance.  

FDA-Approved Product

The manufacturing process and product ingredients comply with all the guidelines as stipulated by Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

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Treat Your Nail Fungus Infection!

For more esthetics and healthy looks. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please look at some of our clients' most commonly asked questions. If you don't find your answers, kindly contact us. 

Question 1: What exactly causes nail fungus infection?

Answer: As explained earlier, nail fungus is caused by an overgrowth of fungi around the nails. The fungi responsible for this infection are known as tinea unguium or onychomycosis.

Question 2:  Who’s more likely to develop nail fungus?

Answer:  You will likely develop it from untreated nail injury, infected artificial nails, skin injury around the nail, weak immune system, enclosed footwear, diabetes, swimming pools, etc.

Studies also show nail fungus is more rampant in men than women. It’s also likely to affect adults more than children. 

Question 3: How exactly does it look like?

Answer: In most cases, nail fungal infection may only affect part or entire nails. It comes with odors and makes the nails thick. You may also notice distortion and the nails slightly lifted from the nail bed or the underneath skin. 

Question 4: Are nail fungus contagious?

Answer: Yes! They are highly contagious, meaning you can contact it if you share footwear or bathrooms with someone infected. 

It can be contracted in moist public places like the gym, bathrooms, swimming pools, etc.

Question 5: How long should I expect total transformation from my nail fungus?

Answer: You will start seeing improvements weeks after you’ve started treatment. But it may take six to eighteen months before your infected nail returns to its original appearance. Of course, this also depends on the severity and the type of nail fungus.

Question 6. Are your treatments FDA-approved?

Answer:  All Gold Cosmetics products and treatments are safe and FDA-approved.

Question 7. Is the treatment painful? 

Answer: No. Instead, our treatment process is designed to relieve pain caused by nail fungus.