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Ultra-Effective and Professional Acne Treatment

Reclaim Your Spotless, Radiant and True Glowing Skin Complexion

Ultra-Effective and Professional Acne Treatment 

Reclaim Your Spotless, Radiant and True Glowing Skin Complexion

Are You Ready For This Transformation? 

Our treatment brings you closer to the clearer skin you deserve each week.

For decades, we have helped our customers from different parts of the world reclaim clearer and healthy skin, regardless of their acne severity.

We achieved this outstanding track record through our quality acne treatment products and kits specially formulated by our experienced skincare professionals. We offer different treatment kits depending on the acne severity. Here's how to know yours!

Choose Your Acne Treatment Kit

Your Path to Flawless Skin Begins with a Kit Designed Just for You.

Learn the Level of Your Acne 

Light Acne

This level of acne is hardly noticeable, mainly if you apply concealers. It appears as small bumps, blackheads or whiteheads without any inflammation, pain, redness or scarring on the skin.

Medium Acne

Compared to light acne, this level presents more blackheads and bumps with few papules and pustules. It appears slightly red with or without pus, presenting mild inflammation and scarring. 

Bad Acne

Occurs as dark spots and large patches on different areas of the skin. This is the most severe among other levels of pigmentation. It can be triggered after an injury or inflammatory skin condition, such as acne or eczema. 

Get The Right Acne Kit For Your Skin!

Are you confused about the right kit for you? Send us a pic of your skin for a free recommendation.

Light Acne Kit

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Gold Cosmetics | Light Acne Kit | Acne Scars Kit - Gold Cosmetics & Skin Care

It is an excellent overall and spot treatment kit for acne -causing bacteria, it promotes skin healing, and checks eruptions and infections.


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Medium Acne Kit

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Gold Cosmetics | Medium Acne Kit - Gold Cosmetics & Skin Care

This kit clears clogged pores & reduces skin redness and controls acne & smoot & heels eruption. It contains Bleach Soap, Bleach Toner, Anti Acne Cream, and Shoval A.


Free Delivery in the USA

Bad Acne Kit

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Gold Cosmetics | Bad Acne Kit | Acne Scars Kit - Gold Cosmetics & Skin Care

It is not only useful for reducing the appearance of acne scars and keeping the skin highly moisturized but also improves skin tone, reduces blemishes.


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Learn the Applications

How To Use 

Wash your face using Bleach soap, then tone the skin with the Bleach toner before applying other products, depending on your kit. Also, apply sunblock every morning before leaving your house. Very important!

Nourishing Ingredients

Each ingredient has its own unique effect on the skin. They all work together to eliminate acne and lighten your scars without leaving any trace on the skin.

Quick Results

With a suitable acne treatment kit for your skin and strictly adhering to the kit application guide, you can be sure of results within weeks of using them!

Customer Testimonials

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Why Choose Our Acne Treatment Kits? 

Here are some benefits of choosing our Acne Kits. You'd be amazed!

High Quality

Effective in eliminating all levels of acne, regardless of your specific skin type. Also, they are gentle on delicate skin.

Safe & FDA-approved

Each product in the kits was formulated while ensuring strict compliance with all FDA safe and quality guidelines. 

Complete Routine

Each kit can serve as a complete and adequate acne treatment routine while ensuring healthy and clear skin. 

100% Proven 

Over thousands have used our acne products and kits globally, and we have recorded a high customer satisfaction rate. 

No Harsh Chemicals

Our products are gentle on delicate skin and do not contain harsh or stripping chemicals harmful to the skin. 

Free Shipping   

We will deliver your pigmentation kits or products anywhere in the United States without charging you an extra shipping fee.

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Gold Cosmetics | Mini Acne for Acne Spots | Acne Serum - Gold Cosmetics & Skin Care

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Here's what our Clients says about our Acne Treatment Kits

Don't Wait Any Longer! 

Are you convinced? It's time to clear your skin from acne, scars and blemishes for good.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some of the popular questions usually asked by our clients. If you need more clarification or haven't found your answers, kindly message us.

Question 1: How long should I wait before expecting the results

Answer: It depends on the skin condition, but results usually show between 7 and 14 days.

Question 2: Do I need multiple products to cure my acne?

Answer: Yes, each product has its own unique way of reducing the active sebum in the dermis, healing fresh scars and marks, and drying the acne that appears on the surface of the skin.
Question 3: Are these products FDA-approved?

Answer: Yes, all Gold Cosmetics products are safe and FDA-approved.

Question 4: Can my acne scars be treated with this kit?

Answer: Usually, it takes up to six months for scars to heal. If the scars are fresh, the kit will heal them. If the scars are old, the kit may only smoothen them to give you a smooth texture. They can also remove any pigmentation around it so it will blend nicely with the rest of the skin. It is imperative not to touch or pluck your acne. By touching them, we create scars. This kit will dry it and prevent the scarring from happening.

Question 5: How do I know what is the suitable kit for me?

Answer: You can look at the image examples on this page and see what most relates to you. Generally, light acne is when you have a few pimples with no inflammation or scars. Medium and bad are situations where more than just a few pimples also come with inflammation and scars.

Question 5: Are there any side effects using your acne kit?

Answer: There are NO side effects. However, redness and a bit of peel might appear, which is part of the treatment process.